100,000 years ago there were several species of humans,

but we are the only one left today. Why?

What was it that enabled us to surpass the others?

The main difference was that we Homo sapiens could tell stories. We fantasized, we gossiped about each other. We invented Gods, Kings and Queens – money, politics and corporations.


To change behavior, all other species must patiently wait thousands of years for their DNA to change, but we can change our behavior practically overnight, by simply telling a new story.

Storytelling and Personal PR

What makes a good story?

There is a demand every second, for our attention, our trust, our belief, our curiosity. The competition is fierce. The social media have created an even greater need for us to be genuine and present. The speed of this digital media landscape makes it especially important to have words that captivate.

A good story is real and it is true. It touches you. The reader learns, is awoken, and is transformed, – made to wonder. The story has captured and you sit back to reflect on what it is all about . . .

Storytelling and Personal PR

Liberti has a special passion for networking.

We are well connected with musicians, performers, artists, scientists and journalists.

Liberti can arrange any PR event you need!

Storytelling and Personal PR

About Liberti

“Liberti” is an Italian word for freedom, but it is also Berith Liberti.

Berith Liberti is the heart and spirit of the company Liberti and she has more than 30 Years of experience in intercultural and international relations.

For the past 15 Years Berith has worked in the Scandinavian media industry.

Berith has an extensive commercial background and deep experience in international marketing and project management.

Storytelling and Personal PR